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Why I’ll always be a “Daddy’s girl”

23 Jun

“No, I don’t look like her! I want to look like *him*!”

That was the usual line I’d say whenever they’d tell me that I looked like my mom.In my eyes, my dad was the most good looking guy around. And even if my mom was a beauty queen title holder, I’d still throw a tantrum whenever they say that I didn’t look like my dad.

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Kindness Always

6 Oct

On a regular basis I’d find myself staring at my blog, looking at the description that I’ve written about myself three years ago. “A 20 year old something with coming-of-age concerns. Excited to discover new passions while trying to revive the old.” Although these very words that I’ve written about myself still hold true, they seem lacking of the journey I’ve gone through over the past three years.

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Three years.

13 Jul

94,608,000 seconds. 1,576,800 minutes. 26,297 hours. 1,096 days. 157 weeks. 36 months. All equivalent to three years. That’s the amount of time that I’ve surprisingly stayed committed to a corporate entity, my job.

After graduating from the top university of the Philippines, I felt entitled to land a job meant for the best. With four years worth of lectures, business case studies, financial exercises and presentations, one can’t help but feel equipped to face the “real world”.

Three years down the line, I can’t help but laugh at how unequipped I was for the supposedly glamorous corporate world. Here are three things to keep in mind especially for those who have just landed their first jobs or are still in the search of a job that they will love…

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