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Seoul 2015: Everland Theme Park & Club Octagon

9 Jun

Winter activities, dining escapades, shopping discoveries and cultural exploration — Seoul definitely offers great options for whatever itinerary its visitors may have in mind.

To make sure that we got the complete experience, we stopped by their most wholesome and their wildest entertainment destinations…

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Seoul 2015: Seoul City Tour

17 May

I underestimated how huge Seoul was. Getting from one place to another took some time, may we be on a taxi, bus or train. If one isn’t too mindful about which place is near what, it could get very time-consuming and costly.

 If you want a time and cost efficient way to see Seoul’s highlights, then I recommend that you go for a Seoul City Bus Tour…

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Seoul 2015: Palsaik Korean BBQ

9 May

Korea may be home to the slimmest ladies in the world but that does not mean that they don’t serve up some tasty, juicy and satisfying grilled meat.

Photo grabbed from Official Palsaik MY Website

If we were to eat at only one place in Korea, Palsaik Korean BBQ would be top of mind…

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