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Thank you, Samsung! <3

1 Sep

One fine morning while I was driving through the chaotic streets of C5 , I skillfully multi-tasked my morning prayer. (#GirlDrivers #HezHez #TskTsk) With my recent third year anniversary and my general “happy/steady” outlook towards work,  one of the things that I was compelled to pray for that day was “fulfillment in career”.

As if I caught God’s attention that morning, thirty seconds later, I got a call from a hiring manager inviting me for an interview. And just like that, I found myself signing documents that would seal the finality of this chapter of my life.

The past few weeks have been filled with new and exciting tasks —- procuring documents,  searching for marketing units (I need you last pay!), turning over pending work, savoring “last” moments, packing up three years, and last but not the least, making my farewell letter.  More than a professional one, Samsung was really a personal journey for me. And so, let me share my heartfelt farewell letter to Samsung…

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