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Beijing 2015: Ming Tombs

2 Feb


A few minutes away from The Great Wall were the Ming Tombs…

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Seoul 2015: Everland Theme Park & Club Octagon

9 Jun

Winter activities, dining escapades, shopping discoveries and cultural exploration — Seoul definitely offers great options for whatever itinerary its visitors may have in mind.

To make sure that we got the complete experience, we stopped by their most wholesome and their wildest entertainment destinations…

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Seoul 2015: Exploring Hongdae & Yeonnam-dong

3 May

If you want a different type of buzz and excitement, head on to Hongdae, the birth place of all things hip, trendy and cool among the youth.

Photo grabbed from: tiniglesias.com 🙂

Cafes? Clubs? Fashion Choices? Underground Music? Art Exhibits and Festivals? Explore a neighborhood that will surely satisfy whatever interest you may have.

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