Dear Self

More than a year ago, I recall being by myself in my favourite spot in the innards of Makati. I had a heavy heart, all too anxious and unsure. I wondered if the things I’ve been praying for so long would ever be answered. In an effort to calm myself in the midst of the uncertainty and self-doubt, I wrote myself a letter.

Despite the passage of time and being in a much better place right now,


this letter still serves as a humbling reminder that life will always have its ups and downs.  ❤

Let’s take a look at what I told myself…

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A Reset

One of my three words for 2014 was “Respect”.

I contextualized this word into two aspects: time and myself.

And if you’ve been with me in my journey in 2013, most of you would know that respect was definitely not in my dictionary…

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