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Taiwan 2014: Daan Park & 228 Memorial Peace Park

19 Mar
There’s always something about discovering a new place alone that gives me an indescribable sense of freedom. I love being able to enjoy my chosen destinations at my own pace. Thankfully, for my last day, I had the opportunity to roam around the city alone.
  At Taipei, they bring the park experience to a whole new level. And so, I visited a couple of parks to wrap up my #LetsGoCrayAtTaipei weekend…

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Taiwan 2014: #LetsGoCrayAtTaipei

14 Dec

They say that Taiwan is a boring country that could easily be done and over with in a weekend.

Taipei Skyline (from Tumblr)

I am guilty to be one of those people who thought the same. I thought that  Taiwan was just another bustling metropolis that wouldn’t have much to offer except for milk tea and night market shopping, both of which could be easily be found here in Manila. With low expectations, I was convinced by M to go ahead and book a flight to Taipei for an early birthday celebration.

And so, I was to #GoCrayAtTaipei….

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