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Taiwan 2014: Tian Wai Tian Hotpot and Ximending Night Market

1 Mar
For the night, we were off to Ximending, the Harujuku of Taipei…

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The Ube Hopia Series

20 Sep

I’ve always had this fascination for Ube (Purple Yam). This has been so intense that my favorite color has morphed to purple — the color of Ube. As soon as I got off my diet, Ube was one of the things that I blissfully reunited with–may it be in a form of a hopia, waffle, puto, kakanin or sweet bread. I found myself devouring anything ube-flavoured and in the process, I could say that I now have a more discerning palate when it comes to these ube delights.

Grimace is also color purple. But no, I would not want to eat him. (Image from: http://mugsypug.webs.com/)

Let me share with you my top five favorite Ube Hopias!

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