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Loving Myself More: Turning 26

25 Oct

It’s confirmed.


Three years in a row, I still get the jitters when my birthday is about to come by. I shared with a friend my feelings and he guessed that I was experiencing what they call the “birthday blues“…

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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends: Turning 25 <3

26 Oct

I thought that I would get more comfortable with my own birthday as time goes by.  Unfortunately, I still don’t think I’ve quite mastered it yet.  There’s always these mixed feelings of excitement, sadness and stress whenever October comes by.

This year was no different. The night before my birthday, I decided to over time hoping to finish some work to lighten up the load the next day. I was pretty exhausted that I didn’t bother waiting up until 12 midnight.

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Being Grateful: Turning 24 <3

10 Nov

As much as I love celebrating birthdays of others and making them feel special, my mind combusts whenever I try to think of a plan for my very own.

I was honestly dreading my 24th birthday. There were so many reasons.  BUT I knew the greatest reason why.. simply because it was going to be different.

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