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Loving Myself More: Turning 26

25 Oct

It’s confirmed.


Three years in a row, I still get the jitters when my birthday is about to come by. I shared with a friend my feelings and he guessed that I was experiencing what they call the “birthday blues“…

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Kindness Always

6 Oct

On a regular basis I’d find myself staring at my blog, looking at the description that I’ve written about myself three years ago. “A 20 year old something with coming-of-age concerns. Excited to discover new passions while trying to revive the old.” Although these very words that I’ve written about myself still hold true, they seem lacking of the journey I’ve gone through over the past three years.

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Three words for 2014.

2 Jan

For the first time in my life, I entered a year without any new year’s resolution. And that’s how most of my 2013 went on, I braved a year without any plans. I winged months of crazy, exciting, humbling and teaching experiences. It was a year of learning and self-discovery. As what my good friend said, it would be encapsulated by the word: “defining“.

Although continuing a crazy beautiful lifestyle would be the exciting road to take, I’ve been inspired by the photo above (kidding), actually, this article to create a three word life guide for my 2014. These three simple words would be my mantra, words that I would go back to when life gets a bit too crazy.

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