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Dumaguete 2015: Siquijor

2 Aug

Siquijor is a tiny island found south east of Dumaguete. Coined as the “Mystic Island”, one cannot help but feel a bit apprehensive about being a stranger in the land of magic potions, witches,  shamans, and sorcerers.

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Dumaguete 2015: Apo Island

26 Jul

Dumaguete is synonymous to Apo Island, a marine sanctuary thirty minutes away via pump boat from our Dauin Party House. Despite the monsoon season kicking in, the day was bright and sunny. Clearly, an indication that the island is ready for our adventure. ❤

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Dumaguete 2015: Dauin and Our City Misadventure

24 Jun

Just forty-five minutes away from the city, one can find Dauin, the perfect place to enjoy the island life. With tranquil views of the sea, one cannot help but be recharged from the change of pace in this quiet town.

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