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15 Mar


Six years ago was when I felt the desire to win something for the first time. Badly.

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Cambodia 2016: Me and My Girlfriends

6 Mar

Way behind my with my blog posts most especially from 2015 but I can’t help but share this cute music video we made at the Siem Reap, Cambodia!

#WorkwivesInCambodia: Me and My Girlfriends from A Rono on Vimeo.

These girls were amazingly game to make a music video for our annual trip. Pretty happy on how it turned out. ❤ #goodvibes

Three Words for 2016

3 Jan

In 2013, I braved a year without any resolutions at all. Going with the flow and winging my way through months of crazy, exciting, humbling and teaching experiences. In 2014, I went through a year of steadiness and introspection. Taking my time in sorting out personal issues while keeping only a select few close.

New Year 2015

Hungover 2014 on the first of January 2015

A year ago, I wrote my three words for 2015. When I wrote those three words, they were only words that I longed to develop in myself. At that time, they felt empty and unachievable. Looking back at the year that was, I can’t help but remember a favorite quote of mine, “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream. And the universe conspired, it did.

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