Why I’ll always be a “Daddy’s girl”

“No, I don’t look like her! I want to look like *him*!”

That was the usual line I’d say whenever they’d tell me that I looked like my mom.In my eyes, my dad was the most good looking guy around. And even if my mom was a beauty queen title holder, I’d still throw a tantrum whenever they say that I didn’t look like my dad.

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Bali 2015: Legian Street


During my stay at Bali, mornings and lazy afternoons were spent traversing Legian Street.

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Bali 2015: Legian Beach and Kopi Pot

May you be a beach comber, party-animal or pro-surfer, Bali has got something for every type of beach lover.

2015-09-15 10.40.49

For that day, we decided to take a walk to the infamous Legian Beach..

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