Domain Renewal:

11 Jun

In between the rows of unread emails stood out one with the subject: “Domain Renewal:”. I paused briefly, hovering my mouse on top of the bold-stricken subject deciding whether to click it or just ignore it all together. I decided to click it anyway, realizing that the change that I once rigorously documented here were words that I longed to be immortalized.  In a few minutes and a quick to visit to Paypal, the domain was renewed.

It’s been long two years since I’ve written down something on this blog, and boy, there’s a lot of catching up to do. Here’s to in 2019, no longer a place that holds thoughts of a  “a 20 year old something with coming-of-age concerns” but a place that immortalizes all the adventures and misadventures life has to give.

What do you think?

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