Dear Self

More than a year ago, I recall being by myself in my favourite spot in the innards of Makati. I had a heavy heart, all too anxious and unsure. I wondered if the things I’ve been praying for so long would ever be answered. In an effort to calm myself in the midst of the uncertainty and self-doubt, I wrote myself a letter.

Despite the passage of time and being in a much better place right now,


this letter still serves as a humbling reminder that life will always have its ups and downs.  ❤

Let’s take a look at what I told myself…

Dear Self,

One of the things that you like doing is writing letters. And since 2016 is all about loving yourself, why not do something you love for yourself? You’re already one month in in 2016 and you have done very well. You’ve made a conscious effort to make changes in your life.

Despite the seemingly slow progress, the important thing is that there is better change. You’ve spent too many years looking forward. This time, take the moment to appreciate how far you’ve gone but at the same time, stay hungry. Don’t be so easily satisfied.

2015 has been a year of learning. Despite it feeling so distinct and different from the previous years, take only the things that will allow you to grow. Learn to let go most especially those that hold you down.

PicMonkey Collage

You wished a lot of good things for yourself this coming year. Aiming high and setting goals for yourself will give you a lot of moments of frustrations, heart break and doubt. Despite all of these things, always be a good person. Do not allow yourself to be hard. Always smile, be kind, say good things and think good thoughts. Good attracts good.

And when everything feels all a bit too much, take a break. It is okay to not be okay.

 photo image-0-02-08-d53dc9eb1752c7a2eb0fedbf66aa5adc3cc1b513fb93adade72512882ebe2ea2-V.jpg

Grab yourself your favourite coffee. photo 20170202_090431.jpg

Write yourself notes.b559f8228a4f95774a1f3dd4b7317b82

Drive yourself far far away. 12493735_10156384456895527_4051287971684667357_o

Cry it out. 12391075_10156565535480112_7842213650131348007_n

Laugh it off.laugh

Surround yourself with good company. 19055354_10158748501925527_1178156330657840678_o

 photo 852121308_76869.jpg

 photo 18402042_10158585885310527_1191595733409844150_o.jpg

 photo 14633352_10157485172740527_8800747114536539866_o.jpg

Lots of it.


But after all of that, continue and don’t give up. Always take comfort that the universe will conspire with you to have things you set your heart to. You will get what your heart desires at the right time.

Right now you’re feeling scared because you don’t know if the things you are doing are right. But things are much more simpler than you think they are.

 photo 852110256_170728.jpg

Let these two things govern you — (1) always be good because good will come back and (2) the value of everything is not fixed.

The things that may seem important to you right now, may not be important tomorrow.

So just enjoy life and relax.

 photo IMG_8295.jpg

You will get there.

What do you think?

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