Why I’ll always be a “Daddy’s girl”

23 Jun

“No, I don’t look like her! I want to look like *him*!”

That was the usual line I’d say whenever they’d tell me that I looked like my mom.In my eyes, my dad was the most good looking guy around. And even if my mom was a beauty queen title holder, I’d still throw a tantrum whenever they say that I didn’t look like my dad.

My dad is the type of person people gravitated towards to.  Family, friends and even those tinderas who call my dad “suki” would not hesitate to shower him with praises.  I eventually learned that it was not just his careful sense of style, his pagka-“balidoso” or his boyish charm that caught the attention of people. His appeal went beyond that; he was charismatic, extremely funny and good-hearted.


My dad could always talk himself out of anything. There was this one time that I was running late for work. My dad counter-flowed and was caught by an enforcer. Instead of parking by the curb after giving his license, he decided to just continue driving and reassured me that he’ll come back after he drops me off just so that I’ll make it on time. That evening, my dad proudly told me that he got his license back, wasn’t issued a ticket and is now actually friends with the enforcer. Nowadays, whenever we’d drive by, he’d always roll down his windows and salute the enforcer with the matching “Sir!” I have lost count of the number of times we’ve gotten away with supposed traffic violation tickets, parking in no parking slots, exchanging “no return” items or frustrating dead-lock situations. Nothing is impossible with my dad and he gave me the confidence that anything can be done. He showed me how far a bit of humility, a few jokes and a smile could go. 

One of my favorite stories about my dad was during the height of the Ondoy typhoon. I was in UP at that time, busy doing a case study. I had submitted to my fate that I would probably spend the night somewhere in the vicinity due to the impassible roads. My dad texted me that he had a “great plan”. His great plan was to drive as far as our car could possibly handle. And from there, he would bring out two “kapotes” and a bicycle with a basket of food for me. My dad was dead-serious about his plan and was quite convinced it was possible. Thankfully, this plan did not push through as it wasn’t exactly fool-proof . (Plus I have no idea how the hell we were going to fit in a damn bike.) But, he showed me that he was the type of dad that was pretty much crazy enough to do anything for the comfort of his daughter.

Among my friends, I would always share the love story that blossomed between my parents since…kinder! My mom has always had a crush on the batch’s heartthrob aka my dad. On their fifth grade during their Foundation Day, she actually paid her friends to catch my dad and have them partnered up in the marriage booth. What impressed me was not how they ended up being together but the consistency of my dad choosing to love my mom every single day. He’d always go for the serving spoon first, not to serve himself but place food for my mom first. He’d always be in a hurry to come home whenever they’re apart. And when they’re together, laughter is usually the only thing I’d hear. And the magnitude that he loves my mom, overflows to us kids. He showed me that the best way to teach love to his children is showing love to his wife. 


My dad always makes an impact in the lives that he’s blessed to grace. I have lost count on the number of times where I’ve been approached and was asked to send my regards to my father.  A memorable one was when someone the same age as me told me on how my dad has helped his, and how grateful he was because that was a pivotal moment in their lives. Through out the years, it warms my heart to meet people from our community, church or  ex-employees who extend their regards for the unforgettable help my dad has extended during unsuspected moments of their lives.  He showed me that there is always an opportunity to serve other people and make their lives better even during times when he’d not have much himself. He reminds me up to this very day that being kind makes a difference.

Now that I’m much older, if you’d ask me who I would want to look-like, I would still answer my dad. With the years that have passed along with his youthful charm, my dad has grown much more handsome in my eyes.  And after all I’ve said above, I don’t think you would even have to ask why.

An intentional late post dedicated to my dad who still drives his eldest child to work, sends her “i love you” messages, asks about her day and excitedly does errands for her just because he wants to — every single day. I love you Papa! ❤

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