Beijing 2015: Summer Palace

3 Mar


The last place to tick-off from our Beijing Adventure was the Summer Palace..

The Summer Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the largest well-preserved royal park in China. 20150827_141631

With its beautiful natural views and picturesque Chinese garden landscapes, I’d say we saved the best for last.  GOPR5968

Exploring the park was an adventure as each area had a different feel. The Summer Palace can be divided into: the Halls, Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake, the Farming and Weaving Picture Scenic Area, the Long Corridor and Main Axis area. GOPR5977

We trekked through the “Longevity Hill” which is amazingly man-made but stands at 60 meters high. GOPR5979

Many of halls and pavilions can be found in its front part.20150827_145814

Taking breaks while doing the climb was necessary. 20150827_144014

Or else, we would have ended up like him. Haha.20150827_150705

Going down the hill was a feast for the eyes and a rest for our legs. Submitting ourselves to gravity was a welcome experience. GOPR5986

And when we could no longer move, mini pagodas were the perfect venues for some respite from all the suffering.GOPR5987

The place was so huge that there were bridges to cross…GOPR5988

…ponds to admire..GOPR5994

…forests to traverse…20150827_153340

…and old structures to explore.GOPR5995

Beautifully and intricately designed”paifangs” or traditional Chinese arches greeted us whenever we’d enter new sections.GOPR5996

The Kunming Lake is the man-made lake that covers three quarters of the Summer Palace. 20150827_160317

This lake is so huge that it has three islands within, reflecting the Chinese gardening symbolism of “one pond, three hills”. We were already fine to sit by the edge of the lake though. 20150827_154835

The Long Corridor is noted for its painted beams and ceilings. It isn’t called long for nothing..this hallway was so long that we didn’t even bother finishing it.GOPR5998

But, we crazily opted to climb The Tower of Buddhist Incense…20150827_163459

which is the highest building in the Summer Palace.GOPR6000

A cute area to explore is also Suzhou Street  which was constructed to recreate the Shantang shopping street.GOPR5967

A full day was definitely not enough to enjoy the whole of Summer Palace.

Definitely a place I’m willing to visit again. 🙂

The Beijing 2015 Adventure

Come join me as I track back on the cultural and gastronomical adventure we had in the following blog posts…

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