Beijing 2015: Hai Di Lao Hotpot


Despite visiting Beijing during summer, one of the things that we wanted to have was some hot pot..

We ended up in the business district of Beijing in search for the hidden branch in the Tianyingtai Department Store to avoid the lines.20150827_120123

After my enjoyable Tian Wai Tian Hot Pot experience, I was more than ready to try out Hai Di Lao Hot Pot. This 16 year old Sichuan hot pot franchise was highly recommended and popular for its “hot and spicy soup”..20150827_121725

and its infamous “noodle dance”. (PS. The noodle dancer had to do it for us twice because the first time, the noodles fell on the floor. Extreme LOL moment.)

Beijing 2015: Hai Di Lao Hot Pot – Noodle Dance from A Rono on Vimeo.

We got ourselves some premium beef,20150827_122236

and some premium sea creatures (aka prawns and scallops).20150827_122842

No hotpot experience is complete without some dipping sauces. Bring on the garlic!20150827_122527

Stained clothes, smelly hair and dirty items will be the least of your worries when you cook. Bibs, pony tails and ziplocs were given by the staff for free to make sure you’d have smiles as wide as ours while eating. 20150827_130127

Pretty full from the hotpot experience, we did not mind that there was no unlimited Haagen-Daz ice cream. The fruit selection (those peaches though!) was good enough.20150827_122404

All-in-all, it was a good way to start our last day in Beijing! 😉

You can find Hi Di Lao Hotpot at..

The Beijing 2015 Adventure

Come join me as I track back on the cultural and gastronomical adventure we had in the following blog posts…


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