Beijing 2015: Beijing Zoo

8 Dec


We found ourselves in China’s oldest zoo to see the rare Giant Panda!!!!

It was almost closing time when we arrived yet there were still quite a number of people lining up to explore this 89 hectare zoo.


Beijing Zoo’s grounds had the familiar oriental landscape of lush trees, lotus ponds and  historical structures. This zoo was established way back in the 1900’s and was actually an imperial manor.


But just like most tourists, we paid a visit for the zoo’s largest animal collection in China specifically for their rare and endemic species.


I was extremely excited to see a live Panda for the first time in my life. I imagined them to be cuddly and energetic like those videos I see in Facebook. But instead…..


they were very lethargic. They looked a bit underfed and skinny!  😦 It seems that only two Pandas live in the Panda House since I did not see anymore. Getting a good view was difficult given the amount of visitors.


Sad to say, the trip to the zoo would have been better if we had more time to explore The Aquarium or the Zoology Museum.

The Beijing 2015 Adventure

Come join me as I track back on the cultural and gastronomical adventure we had in the following blog posts…

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