I’ve Always Been In Love

I never fell out of love. I have always been in love.


 I have always been in love with words.

It was only recently that I have realized that I have a strong affinity with words. And when I mean words, they’re not limited to groups of words that form stories, novels, sentences or phrases that awaken one’s deepest emotions. I love words even in their singular form. “Hey”, “thanks” and “sorry” are just some of my favorite underrated words.

I have always thought that words were only beautiful when they were “highfalutin” and strung together in a manner that was “well-composed”. But I have learned that the most beautiful words are simple. I am in love with words that are “sincere”, “honest” and “kind”.

I am so in love with words that consuming them is no longer enough. I yearn to share and express myself through these words. These moments hit me in sudden waves  during unsuspecting times, leaving some of these words unwritten or unspoken. Expiring as soon as the moment has gone. Some of these words are a bit lucky, written down but left drafted in their rawest form and emotion. Never exposed to the world. Hidden because of “vulnerability” and “fear”. Held back by “caution” or “pride”.

At the risk of looking foolish, most of these words of mine are  brought to life. Finding themselves in unexpected comments, heart-felt compliments,  or meaningful messages.

“You look beautiful.”

“I thought of you.”

“I’ll always be here for you.”

“I love you.”

Beautiful and simple words. Difficult to say at first.  But when I see the effect of these words on a person,  all the more I fall in love.

It has then become clear to me that what seems to be more foolish is passing up on an opportunity. An opportunity give someone a sense of kindness, comfort and love with words. Words that I can freely give. Words that have kept me in love. ❤

What do you think?

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