Beijing 2015: Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

18 Oct

We traveled far to try the most important dish on our must-eat list: Roasted Peking duck!

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant is a consistent awardee in the Chinese food scene garnering titles such as “Food Award Winner” (Time Out Beijing, 2011), “Beijing Restaurant of the Year” (The Beijinger, 2014), “Travellers choice awards” (TripAdvisor, 2014),  and “Top 10 Beijing Restaurants” (Gayot, 2015).

Given its popularity, expect to wait for a while until you get seated. 

The restaurant had a “fine dining” vibe and was quite intimidating since we arrived in the same clothes we’ve worn since that morning. Looking around, it seems that they’re used to it as we were not the only ones in tanks and slippers.

Da Dong prides itself in its “artistic conception of Chinese Cuisine”. Its 160 page menu showcased a vast range of Chinese dishes. Vegetables, dumplings, noodles, beef, fish, pork and duck — all of them on the menu with their own “twist”.

Despite being flocked by a lot of tourists, the staff had a difficult time conversing in English. We resorted to pointing most of the items that we wanted. Here are the dishes we’ve tried.

They say that if you only have one opportunity to eat Peking duck at Beijing, make sure it’s at Da Dong’s. They’re well-known for serving up the leanest, crispiest and the least fatty Peking ducks in China. I strongly agree.

Each meal at Da Dong ends with a free dessert and a plate of grapes.

 With tasty choices to mix-up with the must-order Peking duck, we ended up visiting Da Dong twice during our trip. Haha!

You can find Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant at…..

  • Address: No.22 A Dongsi Shitiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Contact Number: 010-51690328, 010-51690329
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

(PS. There are two branches of Da Dong Roast Duck in Beijing. We visited the Nanxicancang Branch. To avoid waiting, do reserve yourself a table!)

The Beijing 2015 Adventure

Come join me as I track back on the cultural and gastronomical adventure we had in the following blog posts…

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