Beijing 2015: Jingshan Park

1 Oct

After a thirty minute commute that entailed a lot of train hopping and walking from Nanluogoxiang, we finally arrived at Jingshan Park. What used to be a private imperial garden connected to the Forbidden City, all 23 hectares of it, is now open to the public.

Lush trees, relaxing chairs, interesting monuments or perhaps even some ponds come into mind when I think of the word “park”.

But apparently, Jingshan stands for “Prospect Hill” which meant “a leisurely walk through the park” was a strenuous uphill trek.

With five peaks that have beautifully decorated pavilions found on top to choose from, we opted to climb our way to Wanchun Pavilion (All Time Spring Pavilion). The biggest pavilion out of all, but inconveniently found at the highest peak.

But before enjoying a beautiful view of the city, getting to the actual pavilion involves a whole lot more steps after a wild rocky trek.


Comfortable seats to a panoramic view of the city while enjoying a delighting breeze were enough incentives for us to finish the climb.

Depending on which direction you’re facing, one can enjoy the view of The Bell and Drum Tower (North), the Forbidden City (South), or Beihai Park and White Dagoba Temple (West).

We didn’t just go to Jingshan Park to enjoy the view.  When at the pavilion, one must experience dressing up like ancient Chinese royalty. So we did.

But even after the official royal photo shoot, we couldn’t help but role play in our new flashy garments and act really wacky too!

We must have looked pretty funny when we were getting in character. Booth keepers and passers-by were actually laughing at us.

But alas, all fun and games had to end. We hesitantly returned our garments and started on our descent.  We were stunned to find out that our climb up the rocky hill was unnecessary. There was an alternate route after all! Haha.

By the hill, one can visit the place where Emperor Chongzen of the Ming Dynasty committed suicide. I’m still wondering why cellphones are prohibited during thunderstorms in this area though….

After deciding it was a wrap, we exited the very same gate we entered and found two old men. As if the gods heard our pleas for some rest, they asked us if we wanted a ride on their carts to the subway. With giddy smiles, we immediately agreed.

The ride gave us another tour of the innards of the hutong and ended up where we began: the subway.

 With aching muscles and hungry tummies, we rode the subway to make our way to Da Dong for some Peking duck goodness.

The Beijing 2015 Adventure

Come join me as I track back on the cultural and gastronomical adventure we had in the following blog posts…

One Response to “Beijing 2015: Jingshan Park”

  1. daebak October 2, 2015 at 10:18 pm #

    Just like being transported to the world of… Fushigi Yuugi

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