Dumaguete 2015: Siquijor

2 Aug

Siquijor is a tiny island found south east of Dumaguete. Coined as the “Mystic Island”, one cannot help but feel a bit apprehensive about being a stranger in the land of magic potions, witches,  shamans, and sorcerers.

To get to Siquijor, we had to drive back to the city and get ourselves some tickets for the ferry. Since we were moving pretty slow from the previous night’s festivities, we missed the first ferry of the day and had to wait for the 10 am ride.

If we only knew that the last ferry back to Dumaguete was 6 pm, we might have moved faster. With our delay, we were set to squeeze our itinerary in five hours.

In the ferry, the Dumaguete Crew chilled outside where it was sunnier and way breezier.

The hour and a half ride went by pretty fast as we took advantage of the view and attempted to make our own music video. We were productive just like that. :p

Our first destination was Coco Grove Beach Resort, a consistent Traveller’s Choice awardee from Tripadvisor. It was a perfectly landscaped resort that had a restaurant with an awesome view of the beach.

This was our stunning view from Sunset Restaurant which I bet would look even way better in the twilight.

After our quick bite, we headed out to Cambugahay Falls aka “Siquijor’s Majestic Waterfalls”. The falls are well-known for having crystal blue lagoons that have fresh clear waters cascading from one level to another.

After 100 steps going down, we were pretty surprised to see a slate-colored falls. This made us pause and re-think about staying at all. Haha.

But then, we decided to just go all-in and went for the upper lagoon to get some waterfall action. Surprisingly, the water was actually really really clean.

The Tarzan Jumps and the cliff dives were the highlight of our trip. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to just shout out their frustrations (aka #hugots) and to let go. We wouldn’t have left if it weren’t for our guide who reminded us of our tight schedule.

After an afternoon of being attacked by vicious falls and testing our upper body strength, we were shuttled off to our next destination: Salagdoong Beach. With barely any visitors, it was the perfect place to lounge about and work on our tans.

It was impossible to resist taking a dip, as the water was cool and crystal clear. It was at this beach where I was reminded once again on how beautiful the Philippines is.

Siquijor was a side-trip that felt way too short. And all were in agreement that the next time we visit, it is a must to enjoy more of this mystical paradise. ❤

The #DumaguetItOn Weekend

And that’s a wrap for our weekend island adventure! Track back in the following posts…

4 Responses to “Dumaguete 2015: Siquijor”

  1. Rechito August 2, 2015 at 4:51 pm #

    Every time I read about Siqujor I want to visit. Is it easy to get around on that island?

    • androrono August 2, 2015 at 4:54 pm #

      We booked a daytrip tour to Siquijor using our airbnb’s host contact. 🙂 it was 1200 for everything including the food and transpo. When we were there though, i did see a lot of trikes so im pretty sure its easy to navigate!

      • Rechito August 2, 2015 at 4:59 pm #

        thanks, I think I’ll put It on my itinerary next time I visit Cebu like I do on all my visits

      • androrono August 2, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

        I hope you get to visit. Its beautiful! 😍

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