Dumaguete 2015: The #DumaguetItOn Weekend

Most of my trips in the Philippines go undocumented on itslikeyounever. But after a weekend at Dumaguete, I can’t help but share about the trip as it renewed my appreciation for the Philippines.

The DumaguetItOn Weekend

Dumaguete is found in the Southern East coast of Negros Oriental. With its accessibility through its Sibulan airport, this destination has been frequented by many as a jump-off point by those seeking a more laid back adventure in Visayas. For our trip, we did not stay much in the city center where one would usually visit Rizal Boulevard, Silliman University and so on. Instead, we decided to explore more of the nearby islands and beaches of Dauin, Apo Island and Siquijor.

The cheap thrills, great food and its capability to satiate one’s thirst for adventure outweigh Dumaguete’s sub standard local transportation system and its extremely laid back (and admittedly sometimes frustrating) local culture. With stunning and picturesque views, one cannot help but think that God really took a little more time creating the beauty of the Philippines. Despite spending a full weekend in the islands, the trip still felt way too short to fully explore what Dumaguete had to offer.

The DumaguetItOnCrew

In the past few years, M would usually spend her birthday weekend in the hottest and hippest clubs of Manila. Deciding to do something new this year, we rounded up the gang for an adventure in an island that was different from our annual Sinulog and Laboracay adventures.

Most would find travelling with a large group such a hassle, but our sense of adventure, love for one another and the chemistry of our friendship made the trip a memorable one. The hugots for Manila, cheek-to-cheek and blower powered transportations, no signal accommodations, sansrival foodtrips and rowdy nights for M’s birthday weekend were definitely for the books. This would definitely not be the end for the DumaguetItOn Crew.

Our Accommodations: The Dauin Party House

Finding an accommodation to fit ten people with common areas to chill out, private rooms for the couples and a communal sleeping quarters for the singles is difficult. M was lucky enough to find this affordable listing on airbnb.com. This Apoview Beachhouse or what I call our “Dauin Party House” garnered bonus points for having its own beach, hireable help to cook our meals and really really hospitable hosts who hooked us up on our tours and requests.

This hidden gem is 45 minutes away from the city. Make sure that you pass by the local wet market or Robinsons Dumaguete’s super market before heading out as finding a trip back to the city to buy your goods would be costly and pretty difficult. From the city, one would have to ride a jeep / tricycle to the local bus station, take a Ceres bus (that does not pass by too often) and go through a 10 minute walk through the dust or darkness (depending on the time).

Its spacious grounds and daily view of the beach definitely outweigh the misadventures of getting to our house.

We had to set aside our technology dependence as the poor signal reception forced us to go offline from our social networking sites and just enjoy each other’s company.

Looking back, it seemed a pretty good deal to us.

The #DumaguetItOn Weekend begins

And so, join me as I track back on our weekend island adventure in the following blog posts…

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