Seoul 2015: Everland Theme Park & Club Octagon

Winter activities, dining escapades, shopping discoveries and cultural exploration — Seoul definitely offers great options for whatever itinerary its visitors may have in mind.

To make sure that we got the complete experience, we stopped by their most wholesome and their wildest entertainment destinations…

Everland Resort is Korea’s largest amusement park found at Gyeonggi-do Province. Most popular for its wooden roller coaster the “T-Express“, this theme park attracts over 7.4 million guests every year.Visiting the theme park during winter meant winter rides (but a closed T-Express) and Christmas themed decors.

Since us sleepy heads opted to be on time for the bus and skipped breakfast, the first order of business was to have some breakfast. There is always a novelty of trying out a global fast food chain in a different country. At Seoul’s KFC, chicken is paired with coleslaw and biscuits (with jam!!!). It was still finger lickin’ good.

Everland has five zones but the freezing temperature led us to  Zoo-Topia. Their attractions were mostly indoor or heavily heated.

It was my first time to see a Polar Bear. I thought they were supposed to be cute and fat, but maybe it’s following Palsaik’s Skinny Piggy trend?

My favorite attraction was Wild Safari. Even if I’ve already been to Singapore’s Night Safari, seeing lions, tigers, and bears in broad day light at a very close range was really cool. This bear (who I thought was supposed to be hibernating) was doing tricks with this wooden stick for us to see.

Well, well, well…look at what these lions are up to in the dead of winter. I guess that’s their way of heating things up.

Another attraction that we visited was Animal Wonder World where it featured wild but adorable animals. Think along the lines of porcupines, puffins, skunks and meerkats. Can you spot our hiding furry friends?

Lunch was at Alps Kuche. Its menu was popular for its Roasted Chicken, Italian Pizza and waffle dogs.

 Full and energized, we headed over to Everland’s prime attraction during their Snow Festival celebration. “Snow Buster” is a ride where one can sledge their way down a steep slide. We chose to go up the hill using an escalator since this was the warmer option versus being pulled along outside in the cold.

Despite having a GoPro, only a photo was captured during our way down. Excitement got the better of us. 😦 Nevertheless, this still gives a pretty good view of how high up we were from the bottom.

After one last ride at the very popular “Double Rock Spin“, we visited gift shops and the LINE friends store for some souvenirs and pasalubongs for our friends back home.

And just like that, we had to bid Everland, the magical world of adventures and excitement good-bye.

For the evening, we decided to experience Seoul’s night life by heading over to Gangnam. Not exactly knowing how to party during winter, we decided to wing it and still come heavily padded. 

We chose to visit Club Octagon —- Seoul’s newest night club. Found below the New Hill Top Hotel, it had an undeground feel with very good beats, great lights and as expected, pretty pricey drinks. The party scene started to peak up at 1 am where we slowly witnessed the Koreans showing off their fancy dance moves.

Since we decided to deposit majority of our belongings at the coat counter, we had limited photos. To those who are still curious about Seoul’s night scene, The Hungry Partier’s Ultimate Guide to Partying At Gangnam gives a very good idea of how it goes down in one of the world’s party centrals.

Photo taken from The Hungry Partier (

With tired feet and happy smiles, we decided to call this entertainment bonanza a night.

This last entry wraps up my #SeoulSearching2015 series. ❤

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