Seoul 2015: Myeong-dong

4 Jun

Myeong-dong is the ultimate shopping haven for fashionistas and beauty lovers. 

With fashion and beauty choices that range from high-end department stores to quirky street stalls, one will never leave Myeong-dong empty-handed.

With beauty-obsessed citizens who have a 10 to 15 step skin scare regimen, there is no surprise that the most innovative skincare and beauty products are born in Korea.  The Philippines is no stranger to Korean beauty brands with the BB cream craze. Thinking that I’ve already seen what Korean brands had to offer, stores like All Mask Story proved to me that beauty care can be so much more. I was amazed to see that the Koreans applied masks not only on their faces but also on their elbows, knees, feet and even breasts. Yes, you read it right, your breasts.

Being beautiful in Korea does not end with clear skin and attractive features, it is also a must to have an S-line body shape. For those who are not naturally born with it, Koreans got it down with their slimming life hacks.

If the slim-walk is not enough to hide your bulging fats, Koreans enlisted the help of some magic to help you achieve a confident strut.

And for the ultimate stubborn fats, one can always opt to drink their sorrows away with some Fat Down — the powerburn master.

With all those slimming fixes, fitting into Korean fashion would be no problem.  Choose from brand names like Zara or from Korean made street stalls found just right across these stores.

And if you find yourself still not being able to fit into their size large, you have the option of eating your feelings away with Myeong-dong’s numerous food choices street after street. Unfortunately, that’s what I exactly did.

Since street food options were easily accessible in this part of town, bakeshops were a pass as we were curious on having some authentic Korean food.

All sweet and piping hot, Bungeoppang, my favorite red bean dessert was ready to be attacked. And so attack I did.

Whether you would want to wash down or abstain from sweets, you can always opt to grab a cup of joe from coffee shops found in almost every corner. Calorie counting is no stress in Korea as all menus disclose how much goes into your order. Guilt was awakened as we ordered so we opted to grab Cappuccinos instead.

After a full day of shopping with some eating, we couldn’t help but smile (and rest by the corner) with our shopping bags.

Excuse my limited photos, as proven in my other adventures, shopping and documenting just don’t go well together for me. :p

Finally, the last of the #SeoulSearching2015 series: Entertainment Bonanza. ❤

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