Seoul 2015: Palsaik Korean BBQ

9 May

Korea may be home to the slimmest ladies in the world but that does not mean that they don’t serve up some tasty, juicy and satisfying grilled meat.

Photo grabbed from Official Palsaik MY Website

If we were to eat at only one place in Korea, Palsaik Korean BBQ would be top of mind…

For our last day, we woke up right in time for lunch. There was no need to hurry as Palsaik Korean BBQ was just a stop away from Yeonnam-dong. Finding it was not so difficult, just as long as you’re familiar with the restaurant’s logo.

Photo grabbed from:

Entering the restaurant was an experience. Claustrophobia kicked in as we descended a hallway that was plastered with photos of restaurant features and celebrity sightings. The skinny pig mascot waiting at the bottom did not help either.

Surprisingly, once we entered, we were greeted by a wide restaurant. We thought that it must have been a slow day as we were one of the first visitors of the day.

The staff were very quick on their feet — offering us seats, giving us the menu and prepping up the banchan.

Palsaik is a Korean restaurant that is popular for its “samgyeopsal” aka thick slices of pork belly. What makes Palsaik different from the usual grilled meat restaurants is that it features eight flavors of meat. “Pal” and “Saik” are two korean words which mean eight and color. 

The eight flavors of meat must be eaten in a certain order to be able to enjoy each pork belly’s taste. It is recommended that you have the flavors in this order: original, ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, curry sauce, miso paste, and hot pepper. Unfortunately, we attacked right away and some flavors were overpowered by the others.

The premium set that we ordered had the 8 samgyeopsal flavors, a pot of soup,  and an unlimited salad bar where we could get different types of leaves, kimchi, fresh garlic, onions, mushrooms and peppers to wrap our samgyeopsal with! The amount of food was unbelieveable for such an affordable price.

We were so consumed by our eating that we were totally oblivious until after our meal that the restaurant that was empty was already very full. Seems like everyone enjoys a great meal at Palsaik! 😉

You can find Palsaik Korean BBQ at….

  • Address: 107-111 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Number: 02-719-4848
  • Website:
  • Trip Advisor Page 
  • How To Get There: Sinchon Station (Exit 6),  Walk straight and turn left at the 7-11. Look out at the opposite street for a building with  Kia Motors and Palsaik.

Join me as I track back on my first adventure for 2015 in the following blog posts…

2 Responses to “Seoul 2015: Palsaik Korean BBQ”

  1. EatYeot May 10, 2015 at 10:43 am #

    skinny pig mascot LOL.

    • androrono May 10, 2015 at 9:06 pm #

      It was really skinny! Pigs are supposed to be cute and fat! :p Hahaha.

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