Seoul 2015: #SeoulSearching

19 Apr

Anyone who has gone to Korea would say that it’s a country that they’ve enjoyed visiting. Some would even be willing to visit it year after year.

I’ve always been fond of Korea and I’m quite surprised that it took me this long to go on my #SoulSearcching2015 trip…

As far back as high school, I’ve already been acquainted with the Korean culture as I’ve developed a fondness (or even an addiction) for Korean Movies (how can one not be hit by the My Sassy Girl wave?) and Korean Dramas (Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince or Princess Hours, ring a bell?).

While during my college years, I was introduced to Korean food as “Grilled Meat” and “Chicken and Beer” restaurants started mushrooming here in Manila. This familiarity was taken a step further when I joined my first company where I worked directly with Koreans on a daily basis. Nowadays, a week would not pass without watching an episode of Running Man to de-stress.

It’s fair to say that I would truly have a lot to say about Korea, and the only thing missing in the equation was to actually visit the country…

My #Seoulandi Companions

Ever so often, Ate M would always invite me to go with her abroad. I’ve turned her down so many times, but it was the combination of the perfect seat sale, the destination and the novelty of experiencing “winter weather” that finally pushed me to book. If it was I who tagged along with M’s family for our #LetsGoCrayAtTaipei trip, this time it was her who joined me and my family.

As with all travels, the company is important. It was fun to visit Seoul with M, my newly engaged cousin and her fiance as the mix of our personalities created a trip that had the right balance of being adventurous and relaxed may it be in terms of itineraries,  eating or even shopping.

#Seoulamig: Winter In Seoul

Korea has been known to be notorious for their harsh winter conditions. Throughout our trip, the temperature was at its coldest at -11 degrees and its warmest at 2 degrees celsius. Being winter noobs, we could not comprehend what this exactly meant until our first evening when we had to walk from the train to our accommodations. It was so cold that we took a break from our walk and just entered the nearest restaurant for some heat.

The novelty of experiencing the “winter weather” started to wear off when it became painful to stay out while waiting for buses or park rides. I would blame the weather for our limited number of photos as it was so difficult to move around with so many layers and too cold to remove our gloves. Despite the extreme cold, it was an experience that I am glad to have experienced at least once. However, next time I visit, I’ll probably opt for Autumn or Spring weather.

Our Accommodation: Studio 41st Hostel

Telephone: 070 4402 0041 / 4401 0041
Facebook Page:
Tripadvisor Page:

Studio 41st hostel is a highly rated specialty lodging found at Hongdae, Seoul Korea. It is a multi-awarded guesthouse garnering the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor for 2013 and 2014. 

They say that its your home away from home, and I would agree!

Through out our stay, we never felt the need to be shy. The staff was very warm. Jay, Johnny, Evy and AJ all entertained our questions and our requests. And we were very grateful as they sincerely tried their best to accommodate our needs.

The location was very good especially if you’d be spending a lot of time at Hongdae. Getting to the hostel was pretty easy since the Hongik station is connected to the Airport Express. At the same time, there were lots of places nearby to purchase groceries and have dinner at (restaurants options were from authentic Korean cuisine to Italian or even Indian.)
Breakfast was worry-free as there would be a buffet waiting for you every morning.

Mind you, their breakfast was not the typical bread and coffee only. They had croissant, eggs, cold cuts, juices, milk and mooooreee.

They have two common areas which were this room and the roof top. Although we never made it to the roof top due to the weather, we did hang out at the common room before our and after our daily adventures. It was a comfortable place to stay at given its cute-sy interiors and food supply.

While hanging out at the common room, you’ll find a board full of testimonials. From here you’ll see the appreciative letters of all their visitors and Studio 41’st sincere dedication to give excellent service. In fact, after the trip, they sent us a thank you letter with some photos they’ve taken of us. Annddd…if you visit their blog after your trip, you may find an entry featuring you!
The room did not disappoint, giving us enough space to hang out and enjoy the wonders of heated flooring.

And for those who are into cooking their own meals or washing their laundry during vacations, you can avail of it in your very own room. We were impressed that the room came with a full range of utensils (dishes, plates and glasses), appliances (laundry machine, refrigerator, water dispenser, computer and blower) and free towels!

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Studio 41st Hostel.

The #SeoulSearching, or really, the #Seoulamig Adventure Begins

And so, after my very lengthy introduction to my Seoul trip, join me as I track back on my first adventure for 2015 in the following blog posts…

PS. Grabbed some photos off tumblr and Studio 41st website. 🙂

3 Responses to “Seoul 2015: #SeoulSearching”

  1. daebak April 23, 2015 at 4:10 pm #

    daebak! It was My Sassy Girl too that got me interested in Korean culture and entertainment

    • androrono April 27, 2015 at 9:15 am #

      And we are still addicted. Haha.

  2. Hai May 5, 2015 at 12:15 pm #

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