Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

11 Jan

I had trouble starting off my new years resolution post. For quite some time, I believed that nothing monumental happened in my 2014. My days were not as adventurous nor my nights were as crazy as 2013. “Steady” would be the perfect word to describe it. And as the months went on, from spontaneous and crazy, I became cautious and “boring”.

My boring persona’s new favorite hobby : reading books. #chos

But I realized, I was falling into the trap again that everything had to be big, loud and amazing to be significant and wonderful.

2014 was a noteworthy year. It taught me to want less. It taught me that there was beauty in simplicity. It taught me patience. It taught me that as long as you do good, the world would reward you. It taught me that when you emanate genuine love for people, it will all come back. It taught me to always be grateful, and you will always get by with the help of your friends and family. I consider the three words that I’ve set for myself in 2014, accomplished.

For 2015, I set out a three new words that would serve as my guiding light.


Although I’ve got good practice in 2014 from being open, I want to take it a step further this 2015 by incorporating trust. I want to trust in…

Trusting in a brighter tomorrow.

  • Myself — To know that I am capable of achieving all the things I’ve set out for myself. To know that nothing is impossible.
  • Time — To understand that some things just take time. To learn to acknowledge my accomplishments and to never undermine the progress even if it takes time. To know that I have to focus on what I’ve already become and not how far I have to go.
  • God — To know that He always has great plans and that they will always come to be when the time is right.


I’ve been the type of person who tends to move towards the excess. When I’m into a new book, drama, hobby, diet or exercise, I go all in. But in the end, I always end up being burnt out or disoriented when it’s all over. This year, I want to learn how to balance my…

  • Work Life — To know when to give my best in work place and when to sign off. To find the perfect balance between being consistently challenged and being burnt out.
  • Play — To learn how to be crazy and spontaneous yet mature and logical. To know when the occasion calls for it. To not shy away from life just because. To practice safe driving after wild night outs.
  • Spending — To acknowledge that all my hard work needs to be invested for a better tomorrow. To never practice “throw money at the problem” mentality. To know the difference between want and need.
  • Eating habits — To know the right balance between restricting and indulging. To not obsess nor over think. To use all the things that I’ve learned from both ends of my eating spectrum into good use.


Since I am a person who does not do so well with balance, I’ve overdid respecting myself for 2014. But this time, I want to take it up a notch by motivating myself in being committed to..

  • Keeping my goals — To get back into shape the healthy and right way. To religiously save.
  • Laugh and love more — To not stress and worry about life, most especially when it comes to things that I cannot control. To be open to experiences and adventures most especially when it involves friends and family. To express sincere and consistent concern, interest and affection to those who come into my life.
  • Be grateful — To always be mindful of all the little things. To acknowledge the blessings of having a great job, caring friends and family and a healthy body. To always see that I have it better compared to many others.

I can’t help but smile at how much I’ve changed in the past two years. For the first time in ages, I can say that I am genuinely happy.

Thank you 2014. And just like that, here comes another chapter.

2015, I’m ready for you. 

What do you think?

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