The One: The All-New Honda Jazz VX

9 Nov

The first time I drove was on a Sunday morning with my driving mentor , my dad. We illegally drove about three rounds in the Pasig Regional Trial Court grounds (now Capitol Commoons).  When he felt that my turns were as tight as they were supposed to be, he made me drive through Shaw Boulevard and Libis. The sense of pride and accomplishment of keeping my cool despite driving side by side 8 wheeler trucks was something I would never forget.

Until today, I still get that feeling most especially when the flow of traffic cooperates with me.  There were a lot of moments in the past two years where I would find myself behind the wheel, driving aimlessly without a destination in mind.

In the past 10 years of my driving life, I’ve had the opportunity to drive numerous borrowed vehicles. But just in time for my 25th, I was able to purchase my first car, a Honda Jazz VX. I don’t know if I’m being biased here, but driving it around made me realize that one’s driving experience can really be affected by the vehicle you drive. I may not be a car aficionado with all the know-hows when it comes to cars, but let me share with you the top 5 things I really love about my new car.

Exterior Look: Cute Color, Hatchback, Alloy Wheels and Side Mirror Turn Lights

The Jazz got me with its hatchback design. Couple it with a cute color palette, in my case, Sky Vivid Blue, then I’m sold. Bonus points for its 16″ Alloy Wheels, a level-up from the typical steel-plated wheels in terms of aesthetics, brake clearance and durability. Not to mention the nice to have Side Mirror Turn Lights.

Optimum Power: I-VTEC Power

Despite its cute subcompact exterior, this car is powered with a 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine that will never sacrifice dynamic performance. Your car does not need to “warm-up” to get it accelerating to your desired speed. Its engine was developed under the Earth Dreams Technology which makes sure that you get top notch performance with its fuel efficiency.

Better Fuel Efficiency: Eco Assist System & Eco Coaching Light 

Gas is a top money guzzler. With the Eco Assist system, it makes sure that your car efficiently consumes your gas by controlling your transmission, engine and air conditioning. At the same time, it’s cool to see its “Eco Coaching Ambient Light” which changes color depending on your throttle input.

Comfort Access: Smart Key and Steering Control

This is my ultimate favorite feature as this addresses one of  the biggest pains of a driving woman. With the Smart Key and its Push Start System, I never have to go through my bag to look for my keys. Unlocking and locking my car is as easy as it could by just pressing the button by the door as the RFID is automatically detected by the vehicle. The car is also smart enough to never lock if a key is found inside the car and to automatically roll up any windows left down.

The steering control is also a close number two as music lovers such as I will never have to stress about switching audio sources or radio stations.

Advanced Dashboard Design: Touch Panel Control and Push Start Engine

With a “sophisticated futuristic cockpit” design, the dashboard does not disappoint with its advanced and premium feel. Playing around with settings cannot be any more engaging with the 7-inch touch screen display audio or the touchpanel automatic aircon system. You can connect your smartphone via HDMI cable so that you can connect and mirror your smartphone on the screen. But what I love the most is that you can change the settings to your favorite color palette (mine’s in purple!) at the same time, you can also sync your Bluetooth so there’s no need for wires.

Safety First: Multi-view Reverse Camera with Dynamic Guidelines

The 7-inch touch screen turns into a live feed whenever you reverse your car. Although I have yet to get used to using this device, it’s pretty cool to see the back-end of your car without having to turn your head.

They say that the All New Honda Jazz is the one. I guess settling with a car for my 25th ain’t too bad. 😉

For more details on the new honda Jazz 2014 and its more detailed specs, click here, here, here and there! All photos used in this blog post are not mine.

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