I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends: Turning 25 <3

26 Oct

I thought that I would get more comfortable with my own birthday as time goes by.  Unfortunately, I still don’t think I’ve quite mastered it yet.  There’s always these mixed feelings of excitement, sadness and stress whenever October comes by.

This year was no different. The night before my birthday, I decided to over time hoping to finish some work to lighten up the load the next day. I was pretty exhausted that I didn’t bother waiting up until 12 midnight.

On my birthday, I woke up at an early hour of 5 am with expectations down-low. I proceeded to do my daily ritual of working out at the gym before heading to work. I wasn’t supposed to go up to my cube for that day since a pick-up was arranged at the lobby for a Makati meeting. Weirdly, despite running close to late, something told me to head upstairs to leave my things. I was surprised to see my work station decorated. ❤

Apparently, H, my work wife waited for me to finish my over time the night before and got special access into the building through E so that they could go and decorate my cube.  I was totally surprised and extremely touched.

My 24th year was an introspective one. I’ve spent a lot of time writing my thoughts not only in this blog but in special curated emails to my friends. I’m not the type to expect replies to these lengthy letters but I am definitely delighted when I do get a reply from my friends. I think of these replies as timely messages, coming at unsuspecting times, giving me that much needed push when times get a bit rough.

And so, let me share with you random messages that I’ve received in the past year that have touched and inspired me.

“We’re always faced with many choices each day and how you respond to those choices shape who you become tomorrow. Choose to become better, commit to it, and make those daily decisions count. You already know this but transforming yourself is difficult — its always a marathon, each stride paced but equally significant, not a sprint. And dont think there’s a finish line either. Just as self improvement is an unending process, so is the finish line a constantly moving target.”

Honestly, you may think that you are lost, but you’re the anchor that holds people together. More than a blessing, you’ve played instrumental roles in the lives of the people around you. Looking back, you were right smack in the middle of everything and I think that counts for something. All of these on top of dealing with your issues.”

“You may feel like you weren’t a best friend and you were “crazy” the past year but you were so inspirational. Thank you for including me in your journey in the past year. I’m very thankful to have been surrounded by people like you, who not only is an amazing friend, but a source of guidance as well.”

“Rejection will always be a part of life. And it’ll always hurt to experience rejection. But then things will always get better, especially if you believe that they will. I’m sure you don’t need to hear all this from me, because you probably have a deeper sense of faith than I do. But I want you to really believe that you’ll find what’s meant for you. It’ll come! It was just timely that she said this around the same time I was thinking this: Never compare yourself to others. Everybody has their own place in this world.”

“You’ve gone through a lot this year and I’ve seen you get up and conquer. Thank you for making me a confidant even with your personal life, it means a lot when someone opens up to you and trusts that you can listen. I love that you have no pretension about yourself and that you embrace life with so much zest and don’t ever doubt yourself. Keep finding that focus, it doesn’t matter what your motivation is, life is lived one step at a time anyway.”

“I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you better through 2013 until today. Thanks a lot for being the “anchor” in our barkada, for keeping us together despite our own individual struggles. You’ve shown what it’s like to grow professionally, to silently tell us that “Work is hella challenging, but it’s okay. I’ll kick ass anyway.” You don’t seem to give up when you’ve set your eyes on something, never wanting to “throw the towel out” despite how difficult things get. Some of us don’t have the same grit that you do.  You’re also our emotional anchor. I honestly feel like ikaw yung pinaka sane and trustworthy sa barkada natin. If you don’t believe this, just ask yourself who everyone in the barkada would usually go to to share their most intimate problems and secrets… du du dun, who else but you! But honestly, you mean so much to so many people. I know you still have so many goals for this coming year, but I never want you to forget how much you’ve accomplished already, and that it’s always been in you to be a successful person be it in relationships, health, and in your professional life.”

If being grateful was my theme about turning 24, I realized that my theme before turning 25 was a year being surrounded by support systems who truly love and care for me. And so, my 25th birthday wish for myself is to live more and to keep true to the dreams of my youth (which is fading year on year!)

The quarter life crisis that I’ve been claiming to experience for about two years is officially legitimate as I’ve turn a quarter old. For one final year, I will get by with a little help from my friends. ❤ (#BawalNaMagFeelingQuarterLifeCrisisNextYear)

PS. Photo credits belong to this site.

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