Malaysia 2014: Sunway Lagoon and Petaling Street

19 Oct

If there’s one thing that I’m always up for, it’s an opportunity for me to let go and just have fun.  I love the rush of being around crowds with high energy. I love trying out adrenaline filled activities. I love laughing at silly costumes or out of this world experiences. I love the idea of looking back at memories and saying, “Wild! That was really fun.”

When I heard that Malaysia was home to Sunway Lagoon, a consistent awardee for Asia’s Best Attraction, this automatically became my one and only must-visit itinerary for our trip.

We were a bit nervous for the huge crowds that would flock to Sunway Lagoon for the weekend. We were pretty lucky that our taxi driver was well-versed with this itinerary as he got us some tickets before arriving. This cut our entrance time in half.

We were extremely excited to visit all five theme parks. We couldn’t decide whether to start with the Scream Park, the Water Park, the Amusement Park, the Wildlife Park or Extreme Park. But first, we had to take a photo with the park’s mascot, Captain Quack! 

Our first destination was “World War Z: Live” at the Scream Park. We were definitely screaming through out the “three floors of fear”. I can’t help but laugh whenever I’d remember us pushing against each other and almost tripping over the little kids. #GulatNaGulat #NakakatakotYungZombies #MrZombiePwedeMokoHugutinPeroJustMyHeart

The Amusement Park did not leave me amused. The Pirate’s Revenge, a 360 degree rotating ship left me dizzy through out our whole stay. The two girls had a bagillion energy and even did the Tomahawk twice in a row just to capture their perfect GoPro shot. #TumatandaNa #TagaBantayNgGamit #Kagulo

The crowds that we were so worried about were nowhere in sight. The park was simply too huge. When we got tired from exploring the Scream and Amusement Park, we decided to walk along one of the world’s longest suspension bridges to get to the other side of the park.

The bridge was seriously so long that we even took a break in the middle to take more photos. Surfboarders and body boarders would be happy to know that Sunway Lagoon has the world’s largest wave pool with a bonus of Asia’s Biggest Man-Made Erupting Volcano. It was really funny to hear the 75 foot Volcano making erupting sounds and emitting smoke before creating waves as tall as 8 feet.

Sunway Lagoon is also proud to have one of the World’s Largest Man-Made Surf Beach. Here you’d find families lounging about under the sun, couples taking their selfies by the shore and sporty individuals joining in on the beach activities. It was really amusing to see people of different ages and races playing Beach volleyball as a team. #BuratNaBuratSaMgaPataloAngIba 

One of the rides that we lined up for was the world’s largest water park ride, the Vuvuzela. It’s shaped like the Vuvuzela  horn except it was about 110 stories with a tunnel of 152 meters. It was really quite an experience plummeting through its twists and turns at high speed velocity.

After an afternoon of visiting the Extreme Park, we decided that it was a wrap and we headed to the nearby Sunway Pyramid Mall to get our snacks and shopping on. We found a newly opened restaurant (whose name I forgot) where we got ourselves some Rojak, Popiah and Laksa.

With full bellies, we were energized enough to go around the mall to check out our Hari Raya buys. We lost track of time once again and came out with a pretty good haul from Sephora. By then, the sun was down and it was time for some dinner. We got ourselves a cab by the mall’s pretty lobby to head over to Petaling Street.

Petaling Street was Malaysia’s Chinatown. I realized during my trips across different Asian countries that Chinatowns always had the same familiar vibe.

It had the familiar Chinatown vibe and felt like a cross between Binondo in terms of street food and Greenhills in terms of pirated items. Except they had paper lanterns above. 

One of my favorite street food finds was this Peanut Pancake made by this very skilled grand father. It was only on RM 1.50 a piece and it was yummy!

We found a food court complex that had an indescribable energy. It was blasting out sounds from the Eagles while there were tables of different ages. Some were sharing drinks while others were families sharing a meal. This is where we settled down with our street food finds. This is where C had her chicken claypot rice, A had her stingray with rice and I had my popiah and hopia.

With full bellies and fresh fruit take-aways, we decided to call it a day.

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