Malaysia 2014: Melaka and Petronas Towers

5 Oct

For our second day, we were to fulfill  H’s non-negotiable Malaysia item: visit Malacca.

We did not know much about Malacca. The best description that we got of the place was that it was like a “Mini Macau”.

And so, the work wives were in for another adventure…

Waking up was extra difficult that day. With only 5 hours in to my sleep (thanks to the Oolong Tea and the celebratory Hari Raya fireworks),  the lack of morning sun rays made the bed extra comfortable.

But there was a promise of more sleep time during our 2 hour bus ride, so we forced ourselves to assemble and leave for our day’s adventure. #wakingupformoresleep

To go to Malacca, we had to go to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan aka TBS. It is Malaysia’s state of the art bus terminal which is conveniently linked to the trains. It is also easily accessible by road. Looking around, I can’t help but be impressed as it was a far cry from Manila’s bus terminals. (Ansabeh ng Cubao Terminal?!)

Lines were short and buying a ticket was hassle-free. We opted for Mayang Sari Express which cost us RM 11 for a one-way trip.  No regrets when we got on the bus as the seats were extremely comfortable and I was able to snooze off (with no interruptions) for a solid two hours. They said that return tickets run out fast. Since we did not want to risk spending the night at Malacca, we bought the latest ride back to KL as soon as we arrived.

Malacca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was no surprise that  what greeted us upon arrival were the slow traffic and the multitude of people on the streets. It reminded me of Divisoria on a good day. #SlightlyKagulo #ActuallyIntenseSiya

Someone should have warned us that Malacca was a top destination during the Hari Raya weekend. We rubbed shoulders with tourists (mostly from Singapore) and city dwellers who were home for the weekend. #UwingProbinsya #ProbinsyaNilaSiMelacca #DayOffVibes

Malacca was a wealthy center for trade with China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. As with all port cities, the in flux of different influences gave rise to a unique culture that is apparent in the city’s architecture, food and  beliefs. #PorketMayGraffitiUniqueNa #chos

Although we said our first stop were supposed to be the museums, our tummies got the better of us.  Upon choosing our restaurant, we used the Filipino fool-proof way of determining a really good local restaurant — joining in the lines. Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice fit the bill which had a growing line at 11 am.

Being “hangry” is experienced daily among us work wives and we weren’t going to allow ourselves to go into that state during our vacation.  To make sure that we kept our cool from the sweltering heat and the seas of people, we had a power lunch.

Kampung Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork, Rice and rice balls, Garlic Vegetables and Fish Ball Soup — all of that just cost us RM 53.90.

Since we had some time to kill before the next guided tour, we walked towards the heart of the city.

The Malacca Museum Complex comprises of Dutch structures dating back to 1500’s. Navigating should have been but was not a breeze due to the number of people walking around.

Overly ornated trikes were parked around the area which would be best described  as a cross between a kalesa and a Flores de Mayo float. Despite the extra attention they got, riding one of these was tempting given the sweltering heat.

With the incentive of burning some calories, we did a really steady climb of Saint Paul’s Hill. So steady that we sat down the moment we saw some shade. #SigeDaanLangKayo #AngInitTeyz

Reaching  the summit was gratifying. #NasanNaAngFreshAir #BreezePlease

Here, we found the Ruins of Saint Paul, a church that was built in the 1520’s and was deeded to the Jesuits.

The structure housed a burial vault for persons of distinction requring some sense of solemnity. But us being us, this fact did not stop us from taking wacky shots around the area.

After the quick tour, we were off to our museum crawl. First was The Baba and NyoNya Museum which was the highlight of my trip to Malacca. The guided tour of the three ancestral houses of the Baba and Nyonyas satisfied my love for history and interesting trivia. One of the things that stuck  —- any woman unmarried by 20 years old would be considered as an old maid.  #AnoDaw #DiAkoPapayag #KaguloNon

Our next stop was the Cheng Do Museum. By this time, C tapped out. Good thing she did as this museum could drive you into serious information overload. It covered the history of Malacca, Chinese sea voyages, and Cheng Do’s adventures. #SuperRamingReadings #NakakaStress

After that informative afternoon, we were hoping to find a coffee shop where we could “chill” and rest our brains/bodies. While scouting Jonker Street, we were pleasantly distracted by  Malacca’s street food. #ICantSayNoToUbeAndKamote

Stressful would be the best word to describe the rest of the afternoon. Finding a coffee shop was a fail due to the sheer number of people.  At one point,  we were already okay to have an early dinner just so that we could sit down. Giving up, we took a chance and went back to the bus station wherein we fortunately  met a Filipino to whom we were able to sell our tickets to.  #ThankYouKindFilipino #TuwangTuwaSaKapwaPilipino

My ride back was just as hellish as I was seated beside this Indian man who was picking his nose the entire trip.  I was really shocked when he started playing with the kid seated in front of him with his dirty hands. #Huhu #Kagulo #DiPwedeMatulog #BakaMapasandalKayKuya

Once we got back to Kuala Lumpur, we winged the rest of our itinerary.  We thought of visiting a the iconic Petronas Towers, a must visit for every Malaysia tourist.

I thought that this was an overrated touristy thing to do, but being there was different. I never thought that I would greatly admire a man-made structure.  We wanted to capture the moment but try as we might, taking a picture perfect photo with the towers was seriously a challenge.

And as usual, we lost track of time (again). All the restaurants were already closed at the KLCC after 10pm.  Thank god for 24 hour Mamak restaurants which served us up some good Indian food.

With full bellies and sleepy eyes, we hailed a cab which transported us back to our home base. And finally, that was a wrap for another spontaneous day at Malaysia, Truly Asia.

Check out our #WWinKL series in the following blog posts………

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