Thank you, Samsung! <3

One fine morning while I was driving through the chaotic streets of C5 , I skillfully multi-tasked my morning prayer. (#GirlDrivers #HezHez #TskTsk) With my recent third year anniversary and my general “happy/steady” outlook towards work,  one of the things that I was compelled to pray for that day was “fulfillment in career”.

As if I caught God’s attention that morning, thirty seconds later, I got a call from a hiring manager inviting me for an interview. And just like that, I found myself signing documents that would seal the finality of this chapter of my life.

The past few weeks have been filled with new and exciting tasks —- procuring documents,  searching for marketing units (I need you last pay!), turning over pending work, savoring “last” moments, packing up three years, and last but not the least, making my farewell letter.  More than a professional one, Samsung was really a personal journey for me. And so, let me share my heartfelt farewell letter to Samsung…

Finally! The moment has arrived to say goodbye, which is never easy, especially when you’re saying good bye to a place you’ve called home for three years.

I will miss thee!

I still remember my first day at work. During the Monday Morning Ritual, they asked the SAEs (Samsung Asia Elite aka the Management Trainees) to introduce themselves and say a short description about themselves.

What we used to do nun “uso pa” yung Monday Morning Rituals — exercise.

I was nervous and excited since it was my first job ever. And so, I introduced myself and described myself as “someone who enjoys long walks on the beach”. My description was a joke, but unfortunately, no one else got it and I was greeted by dead-air. Silence. At that moment, I thought to myself, “Oh no..di ako patok dito ah! I guess people don’t really know how to have fun here in Samsung.”

My Samsung Asia Elite Batchmates with only one left to represent.

Fortunately, my first impression of Samsung was wrong. I was lucky enough to start my career in a company wherein I immensely enjoyed yet learned at the same time. Closing this chapter of my life would mean saying goodbye to so many things.

Goodbye random self-we’s!

I will miss the fun of bringing ideas to life and launching new products to my “Smart Choice Series”.

The Price is Right Smart Choice Series Launch at K Pub! ❤

I will miss the excitement from creating hit models may it be from brain storming IMCs, smoothing out details with the support teams and talking it out with sales to make sure na “may PO”.

My first work billboard!

I will miss the feeling of achievement from learning (and sort of mastering) GSCM (hello AP2!), price managing (Hi Nem, Pinky and Gerald!) and my WOS.

Ganyan ang itsura ng tapos na mag-AP2. #chillin

I will miss the rush from creating tactical papers or launching those complicated nationwide promos.

One of the most memorable consumer launches in my life. #RecordBreaker #WalangTulugan

I will miss the great yet challenging experiences that have helped mold me into a person who’s flexible, quick thinking (yet still pays attention to details), and collaborative.

Collaborating is easy as pie with these folks! #WatchOut

I will miss the humbling experiences and those teaching moments wherein I had to exude grace under pressure.

That’s how I exude grace under pressure. #NagRarainCoatSaCubicle #GGSS #TongueOutParaCute

Samsung has definitely prepared me enough for my next phase as it has been the best environment for me to grow not only as a professional but as a person too.

Was so thrilled to get a half-page for my Galaxy Grand. #littlewins

Samsung boasts of its innovative products, modern working space and its worldwide market leadership. But what I would be most proud of would not be any of those. I would be most proud of my “GWM” aka my Great Work Mates with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I have spent some of the best days of my life in Samsung thanks to working with every single one of you.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the…

  • Management, my bosses, GBMs and HR: For giving an SAE the opportunity to be a product manager and to introduce hit models such as the Galaxy S Duos. Thank you for your patience, support, guidance and encouragement. I have definitely learned a lot in my stay here at Samsung. I will not forget Jaewoo & Minji’s persistence in teaching me SCM, Mr BH Lee and Mr Cheon’s tips and notes on my aging papers, and Mr Chu’s warm smile every time I’d approach with a proposal.  Thank you to all of our previous and current GBMs who would entertain my questions about product availability, codes and requests for MOOOOORE sample units (Hi Wooyoung!). 🙂

Memorable first Christmas Party where Samsung gained #1 market leadership.

  • IM Team: For always keeping the fun in our team. For always having that fighting spirit and unwavering dedication to reaching our targets. It would be a tough challenge to find a great team composed of individuals who would not only invest time but also blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears to bring pride to SEPCO. I will miss this team immensely, most especially to the PM team.

Note 3 Launch at RWM.

  • Marcomm Team: For being a great partner in bringing our ideas to life. I will miss the good vibes and the great collaboration from such a creative and talented team. I will miss our P/Ls and our deadlines. I will miss my daily check-ups with my only “babe” in Samsung, Dan. 🙂

Marcomm Christmas Party at Sir Benjie’s

  • Cheil: For always welcoming our team and never making me feel like a stranger. I will miss the brainstorming sessions and those great presentations from the team. Hindi ko na maririnig yung hot voice ni Quico and bigay na bigay emotions ni Geoff tuwing magbabasa ng RC. Wala nakong mga Creatives na marerequestan gumawa ng mga art work for birthdays and despedidas. (haha!) I will miss Ms. Gette during presentation meetings. She who would always try to move the meeting forward in between heated discussions. Cheers and thank you!

Samsung x Cheil Post Party at Hyve

  • Support Teams (Logistics, SOD, MIS, Legal, Finance and Budget Teams): For always entertaining my inquiries and processing my deliverables because they always seem to be “important”. I have met the kindest and most patient people from these teams. Thank you for always finding time to assist me.
  • Ang masisipag mag over time. 🙂

  • Work wife: Hi Hannah Tan, I will miss you so much! 🙂 I really dont think I would survive Samsung without you, I will miss your excel skills. 😉

The work wives using my favorite pose :”>

Here, I have found some very good friends

My A Girls. My support system. ❤

and today I am leaving with some wonderful memories.

Kagulo Christmas Party

It was a pleasure knowing each and every one of you.

Sir Co and his team ❤

I will always remember all the fun we had together,


that spirit with which we met goals

Feeling the number 1.

and that accomplishing feeling we have whenever we’d hit our targets (or even when we don’t).

Idaan nalang sa ESCAPE.

Needless to say, please stay in touch.

Goodbye. #choz

I know you’ll miss me. XOXO

Just see you around!

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