Malaysia 2014: A Work Wives Adventure

It was during one of those brain storming sessions where the four of us work wives were seated at the back most row. I got an alert that there was a seat sale. Hurriedly, we made a run-down of all the countries that we’ve visited. Malaysia was one of the few countries that was common in our “not yet visited” list.

And so, we booked a work wife adventure to Malaysia, Truly Asia….

Malaysia: Overview

Besides the Malaysia, Truly Asia Marketing Campaign and the Petronas Towers,  we really had no idea what Malaysia was all about.  Apparently, Malaysia was divided into two: East Malaysia and West Malaysia. We were bound for the capital city of Kuala Lumpur as seen on the West side of the map below:

Malaysia and the Philippines have been long-term trading partners as they are separated only by the Sulu Sea. With only water in between the two countries, it is said that the two are very similar. Besides the Austronesian ancestry that is apparent in both the physical and language aspect of its citizens, its general feel (and sticky temperature!) is the same. Just like the Philippines, Malaysia is known for its great biodiversity being considered as one of the seventeen mega diverse countries on earth. Both are home to the best beaches on earth alongside unique endemic species.

Historically, Malaysia and the Philippines were colonized by an Iberian power (Portugal and Spain), then later by an Anglo power (Britain and US) respectively. Both countries have been a choice of emigration of different minorities from nearby countries (Chinese and Indian) giving rise to a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation.

The stark difference between the two can be found in the state religion and government system. Malaysia’s choice of religion is Islam while its government system is modelled on the Westminster Parliamentary System. Malaysia boasts of its growing economy with a higher GDP (+17%) and  a lower unemployment rate (-4%) versus the Philippines. It is a newly industrialized economy which now ranks third in Southeast Asia and twenty-ninth in the world. Read more about it here.

My Companions: The Work Wives

I’ve been raving all about my solid support group at work called, “Watchout”. Within this group is a sub-group called the “Work Wives“.  It all started when H told me about the definition of a “work wife / work spouse” — “a person at work that takes the place of your “at home” spouse while you are at work, You talk with, connect to, and relate to this person as good as or better than your “at home” spouse with regards to all things work related.” Ever since, we’ve started calling each other work wives.

Planning our itinerary over brunch.

This little group of ours is comprised of two pairs of work wives from two consecutive management trainee batches.  H and I belong to the third batch while C and A belong to the fourth batch. These girls are my work best friends.  In this little group of ours, I can say I have found the best support in the world. Our similarities have given us such a great bond yet our differences push us to be better in aspects we are lacking. Within the work wives, secrets are shared, concerns are discussedand questions are always answered (even if there is a two conversations worth of lag. #lol).  We were all very excited for Malaysia since we were finally upgrading from our dinners. However, due to some recent events, H was not permitted to join this trip. Hence, #wemissyouhjtan was formed.

Our Hotel: Alpha Genesis

Travel from the Airport

Going to the Alpha Genesis Hotel was not difficult. Upon arrival, take the KLIA Express to KL Sentral which would take roughly about 27 minutes. From KL Sentral, you may transfer to the monorail to the Bukit Bintang Station. It gets pretty tricky from the station, but one must walk about 10 to 15 minutes towards Jalan Alor.  Ask directions from passers by as most Malays are good with their English. Or, you can opt for a more stress free option from KL Sentral by taking a taxi from there.

Travelling around

The reason why we selected Alpha Genesis was because of its ideal location. It is walking distance from the monorail and must-visit destinations such as Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang. You won’t go hungry as a 24 hour convenience store is found right across the hotel. For the more experiential or YOLO traveler, restaurants and pubs are lined at both sides of the hotel.

For those who will be visiting places that would require wheels, finding a taxi is easy from the hotel.  We met an Indian cab driver who hangs outside the hotel. Although we were not able to get his name, a unique feature of his are his eyes. I think you’ll get it when you spot him. We had the opportunity of riding his cab twice. Friendly and well-versed with English, he has been a cab driver in the area for over 15 years. Besides being your driver, he doubles as your tour guide. He gave us insider tips on when it would be best to visit certain areas or how to pre-purchase tickets to Sunway Lagoon.

The Room

We got two Superior Twin Rooms which had a rate of RM 130 (weekday) & RM 170 (Weekends). Upon check-in, you will be required to give a deposit of RM 100 which you may refund at the end of your stay. Each room can borrow one plug adaptor which you would have to pick up from the reception.

The room wasn’t old but I couldn’t say that it was new either. The room was lit with yellow lights.  It was furnished with a mini couch, a table and closets.  I liked that there were windows that allowed me to see the city below.

The aircon was noisy through out my stay and the TV had very limited channels.  Although there is a mini refrigerator in your room, do not expect to see anything inside.  There were also no amenities such a pool nor a gym.

Over-all, I wouldn’t mind booking at Alpha Genesis Hotel for its location and price. However, I wouldn’t mind checking out hostels in the area which I believe would be newer and perhaps even cleaner.

How to contact or visit Alpha Genesis Hotel

NO. 45 Tengkat Tong Shin

50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 – 2141 2000

The #WWinKL Adventure Begins

Being work wives, our time was consumed by work. Armed with our previous itineraries of friends and our laptops, we forced ourselves to plan our 5 day trip during a quick Saturday brunch.

Check out our #WWinKL series in the following blog posts………

Please note that we deviated a lot from our planned itinerary. Nevertheless, we still had lots of fun!

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