Soul Surf 2013: A Surfing, Arts and Music Festival

19 Feb

What’s a better way to kick-start my series of 2014 posts with a quick blast from the semi-recent past..


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Soul Surf 2013: A Surfing, Arts and Music Festival

Leaving on a Friday afternoon of a long weekend was not exactly strategic. From empty city streets to congested highways (and even bayans) —- everyone was just in a frenzy to leave crazy Manila.

I found out that with good company, road trips were always worth the drive. Even if it meant being on the road for 21 grueling hours in total.

Although we arrived at such a late hour, we pre-gamed by the highway with some beer, double Black and Chinese goodies.

Every one was warmed up in a couple of minutes and in our usual pumped up fashion, we collectively headed to the beach to enjoy what was left of the first night of the LUSS.

Despite the solid beats and the sweaty bodies from below us, fatigue kicked in and lola mode alarmed by 2 am.

With renewed energy, we greeted the next day with two things we do best: eating and drinking.

Sober mornings morphed to woozy afternoons and soon, a drunken evening.

The snacks kept coming care of our newly promoted friend. (Hi Mark!)

The drinks kept on going care of our liver angry friends.

Since the beach said no swimming, we opted to have poserrific shots by the beach instead.

Sorry, we ain’t really surfer chicks. Never touched a surfboard in my whole life.

The afternoon went by pretty fast and soon enough, it was evening.

Cue in: the sunset, trippy lights and the growing crowd.

Franco kick-started day 2 and was followed by note-worthy international music acts: Classixx, RAC, and Panic City.

The good vibes was made possible by Captain Morgain, by the way.

And of course, every one had their fun with the Captain’s hat.

Some of the boys had their own ideas on what to do with the bandanas though…..

And so, every one got a bit rowdy from the mix of good vibes brought about by the sand, great music and the trusty Captain.

By the end of the night, by some miracle, everyone found their way back to…”The Room”.

The room gave me a new sense of confidence. Confidence in being able to sleep in just about anywhere in this planet.

Take note of the analog TV, indoor sampayan, communal bedspaces and our bathroom visitor, “The Tuko”.
(Not included in the photo: Aling Rowena’s morning wake-up call.)

The room became the perfect setting for random conversations, drunken babbles, uncontrolled vomits and crazy food trips.

The perfect setting that cooked up an unbreakable bond among all of us.

With some hesitance and bleary eyes, we left the confines of our room for the last sighting of the beach.

Kidding, for some food.

Sisig, Inihaw na Liempo at Bangus, Kare-kare, Sinigang na Hipon, Laing and Pansit were the magic viands that led us to Urbiztondo Grill.

Since I was feeling a bit generous cause it was my birthday weekend, this fiesta bonanza was sponsored by yours truly.

 Our trip was almost over.

With full bellies, we drove back to where we truly belong: Manila.

Of course, a stop-over was a must at Razon’s for some authentic halo-halo.

Taken from pinterest

Definitely grateful for a wonderful weekend with my crazy Wathcout/YOLO loves.

Cheers to more advenures this 2014!


La Union Soul Surf 2013

  • Happened at: Brgy Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Philippines
  • Last: October 24 to 27, 2013
  • Line-up: (FR) Bloomfields, Salamin, Manolet Dario, Indio, Tropical Depression, Intermission, Quest, John Monreal, Euric; (SAT) Franco, Nix Damn P, Intermission, Classixx, RAC, and Panic City
  • Official Facebook Page:
  • Official Website:
  • Also visit:

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