Silantro: A Fil-Mex Cantina

Since my best friend moved to Ortigas, hanging out in the “north” has been the better option for “chill” gimmicks.
Citygolf and Kapitolyo have now become main staple destinations for weekends or even weekdays.

When they heard about the unlimited mojitos ..they were more than willing to  to “chill” at my part of the neighborhood.

I’ve visited Silantro on several occasions, watching my friends intoxicate themselves for just PHP 299.
Silantro ‘s casual vibe, affordable meals and very accommodating staff makes it the perfect place to hang-out with friends.
The vibe reminded us of our carefree college days that we mostly spent in Katipunan and Maginhawa spots.

Besides drinking, I’ve also seen my friends enjoy their food. It must’ve been a pretty good place that one of my favorite bloggers raved about it here. Coincidentally, my good friend Filipina in Flip Flops has also recently blogged about it too here.

And so, one night after a long day at work, I ventured out to Silantro for a self-date Tuesday.
(Yep, I’ve evolved to dating myself from Saturdays to even Tuesdays now.)
Since I wasn’t so hungry and I wanted to make room for my Fortune Ube Hopia, I only ordered one item.

It was the Silantro Quesadilla.

Soft and warm. Might not be the best choice for those who want a crunchy quesadilla.
Held the cheese and the filling together. Given this, I think (not an expert on this!) the tortilla used was a flour tortilla.
Super plus points: the quesadilla was NOT OILY AT ALL.
(I can eat it without nervously blotting it with tissue paper. And you shine-free fingers!)

Unfortunately, the menu does not really describe what goes in exactly in their quesadillas or burritos.  Using my tastebuds, I could only tell that the filling was composed of cheese and chicken.
The amount of filling was generous borderline explosive.
The cheese did not have the authentic “Mexican” taste but it was very gooey. Perhaps there’s some Eden cheese in there?
The protein slash the chicken still stood up against the cheese. It was enjoyably and notably soft and tender which are often neglected by most FilMex restaurants.

I would have preferred the usual shredded salad and salsa side but this one came with extremely oily fries.
Basing on its glistening quality, I could tell they were extremely oily. As to avoid a bout of dizziness, I opted not to touch them.

What is my verdict?

  • (+) Value for Money – Definitely a restaurant that gets all five stars for value for money. Serving size is hefty and taste is pretty good for its price.
  • (+) Service – Well-staffed and all are very attentive; during all of my visits, waiters were very accommodating to our sober and their drunken requests (such as transferring tables and plugging in our mp3 players)
  • (+) Parking – As compared to other Kapitolyo spots, there are definitely more parking slots in this side of East Capitol Drive.
  • (+) Taste – Tasty but one must arrive with the expectation that you are going to be eating a Filipino-Mexican rendition of these meals. You will be disappointed if you are craving for an authentic Mexican meal.
  • (+/-) Menu – Straight forward but could be better if it had better descriptors of the meals (I had to ask the waiter what exactly was a Silantro Quesadilla wherein it was just actually a Chicken Quesadilla!)
  • (+/-) Ambiance – Depends on what you are looking for, if you’re in for a casual dining experience, this is the place to be. The open air area is usually filled by customers who are opting for their unli drinking options and can get noisy.; Also, the comfort room can definitely be improved. Going to UP has lowered my standards for CRs but for my other friends, they’d rather hold it in than to use Silantro’s.

Visit Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina!

PS. Right before my quesadilla was served, I saw someone on the other table being served the  Pancholon’s Burger and Calliente WingsAll I could say is that, “Damn. I’m going back for some of those.

2 thoughts on “Silantro: A Fil-Mex Cantina

  1. The Silantro Quesadilla you got definitely looks nicer than the one we got last Friday. That one looks quesadilla-ish but the one we got was like, cheese topped with tortilla and fries. Imagine a quesadilla so cheesy that it can’t fit inside the tortilla anymore. Hahaha. I like their tacos though 🙂

    Hahaha, have not really tried Silantro’s washroom yet. Maybe on my next trip.

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