The Burger Series: Burger Bar

On my sixth month of change, I was on a roll. I challenged myself to go on my: first solo date and first solo trip.

With much thought and preparation, I selected one of the most recently raved about epic burger joints in the metro for my first solo date.

 I  went to  Burger Bar! ❤ ❤ ❤

Burger Bar

When it comes to cheat meals, burgers top my list! Just like my inexplicable love for ube hopias, I have this natural attraction for burgers. A possible clue could be the perfect marriage between sinful meat and bread. ❤

What greets you by the stairs.

Located on the second floor, the  climb up the stairs added some excitement. I was palpitating when I was approaching the restaurant! Obviously, my hands were shaky. Just admire the quality of the photo above.   I was going to eat “real food” after ages of waiting.

It was 3pm on a Sunday yet the restaurant was half-full . Probably with diners who were grabbing a late lunch or an in-between snack.

Image taken from:’s Check it out: Burger Bar at Greenbelt 2

I don’t know if it were the nerves or what, but the menu did overwhelm me.  My eyes lingered on  “The Rising Shroom Burger.”  : “mustard-fried double patty steak cut blend of sirloin and chuck with fried oyster mushroom tempura, white truffle creamed cheese and sauteed mushrooms. All on a kaiser roll.”   #didnotorder #dieterinmestillwon #sofreakinyummy #AfraidyAguilar

Since I had trouble deciding, the  attentive waiter came to the rescue!  I informed him that this was my first legit meal after ages and that I was very sensitive to oil and salt.  Props to kuya for directing me to the proper part of the menu.


 We decided that I go for the joint’s customize your own burger aka “You’re The BossBurger (PHP 185). Deconstructing my burger, it was composed of the following “healthy” components — Bun: Kaiser Roll // Beef: Steak Cut (Medium Well) // Toppings:  Fresh Red Tomatoes + White Onions + Crisp Lollo Rossa Lettuce + Mustard // Add on: Classic Mozzarella Cheese.

 I tried my best to go for a “healthy” cheat meal and not finish the carbs.  But you must know, there’s a reason why i said “tried”.

With all honestly, it was effortless to wipe out!

The bill came out in a jiffy.  Did not mind paying at all for that yummy burger!

As instructed, I did EAT, DRINK and TWEET.

 I tweeted praises for this 5 out of 5 burger joint . Why?

  • (+) Customizing – a great thing for diet-sensitive people like me. I appreciated that they entertained my weird requests like having no butter on the bun or not to season the beef with salt .
  • (+) Taste –  the patty was solid beef with no extenders. Clean beef taste with or without condiments. Cooked the right way as instructed.
  • (+) Service –  the staff  were admiringly very attentive, patient and informative. I will honestly not forget them asking me about five times on how my meal was.
  • (+) Ambiance –  has the  cute diner vibe with seats comfortable enough for you to take your time. (I really dislike the metal tables and chair setups as of most burger joints. )
  • (+) Value for Money – priced a bit higher compared to fast food burger joints, but reasonably priced when compared to most “high quality” burger joints.

Visit Burger Bar

  • Find them at: Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati (same strip of restaurants as Italianni’s, Barcino and Mary Grace)
  • Operating Hours: 12 noon to 1am (Sundays to Wednesdays); to 2 am (Thursdays to Saturdays)
  • Call them at: (02) 625-2792
  • Official Facebook Page:
  • Official Twitter Page:
  • Munch Punch Menu:

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