My First Solo Trip: Hong Kong Day 3

2 Sep

To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. -Freya Stark

I definitely woke up alone. And pleasantly, I woke up the next day as if nothing happened the night before. I was quite convinced though that my body would not forget the previous night’s festivities. Hence, I opted for a “clean” breakfast of low fat yogurt and some unsweetened Green Tea. #detox

By the third day, my trash can was already overflowing with mineral water bottles. I told you, I like my water. #uhawnauhaw #sapagmamahal #chos #satubiglangnaman

My luggage was also overflowing…but with shopping bags. I arrived at Hong Kong with only 7 kilos worth of luggage. After two days, I can already feel it nearing the 20 kilo range. It took me a good whole thirty minutes to strategically place the plastic bags in such a manner that would maximize space since more shopping bags were yet to come! #shoppingisnotyetover

As a first time solo traveller, I discovered the greatest nuance of travelling alone. And it is……..NOT HAVING ENOUGH HANDS!!!!!!  Paco Underhill resonated in my mind during my whole trip: “The physical fact (most shoppers have two hands) is fairly well known. But the implications of the fact go unimagined, undetected, unconsidered, unaccomodated, unacknowledged. Ignored.” (Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping) 

When you’re alone, you realize how difficult it is to mobilize specially when you’re running against shopping time! For that trip, I wish I was multiple armed so I could effortlessly hold an umbrella, a smartphone, a camera, a mineral bottle water, a shopping bag, a wallet and…a waffle! But sadly, only on my third day was I able to devise a way to access my wallet effortlessly. I’m so proud of this discovery. #nexttimenakafannypacknako

The good vibes continued on and the weather followed suit. Navigating and wandering around the city became way easier. This gave me the opportunity to appreciate the streets and buildings that I’ve already seen. It’s amazing on how little things such as the weather can change one’s perspective or feel of an area. #justintimeformylastday

The Apple Store at Causeway Bay was one of those buildings that just invited you in. Massive, clean and highly technological. #TradeMarketingDoneRight

Times Square Mall was also a very beautiful mall. It was such a shame that I was not able to check it out at night, but catching a glimpse of the Monsters University Opening performance was worth the visit.

It was also only on that day that I found out that Jardine’s Crescent was named Jardine’s Crescent. For some reason, I was drawn to this street. I picked my brains the past few days trying to figure out where and what was the name of this specific street I’ve accidentally wandered off to. Thankfully, I found it again and was delighted to see that numerous stores that were previously closed were open.

One of those “new” stores was this stall manned by this old man. He sold eggs and newspapers. It reminded me of the Chinese version of a “mangbabalut“.

I also caught sight of a wet market. But honestly, their wet market does not look wet at all. It looks more like a dirty kitchen of a high-end restaurant. Lacks character compared to our palengkes.

Looking up gave me another view of  Hong Kong’s beautiful contrast of the old and the new.

I have noticed the affinity of Hong Kees to desserts. I have been passing by this crepe shop daily. Since I couldn’t get over my waffle loving tendencies, I decided to take a snap shot of the crepe ala pancake desserts instead. Ironically, after taking the photo, I realized how unappetizing these pancakes looked. #MayCheerleaderEffect #HongKongEggWaffles4EVER

One of the perks of Hong Kong was the easy accesibility of Coke Light Lemon. My uniquely flavored diet soda fascination borderline addiction was satisfied. #CokeLightAddiction #SweetAndSourDrink

Even on my last day, my wandering did not stop. I randomly walked into an alley from Silvercord Mall and came across “Gaylord”. I know, I know. Extremely juvenile of me. But honestly, why is an Indian restaurant named that way? #VotedBestRestaurantYan

Dinner time was already the next thing that I was able to document. I failed to take photos in between the hectic wandering and shopping. I still could not get used to the set-up of sharing tables with a different group. Individuals were sort of fine, but a family? Dinner was chaotic. It was extremely funny whenever my friend and I would “steal” the other group’s order from the waitress.  #sobrangawkwardlang #parehokamingmgaorder #panobato

After paying the bill, I took a cab from City Gate to head to the airport. It was a very short ride and I arrived just in time.

After a the usual travel hassles, I was back in Manila wherein everything seemed the same. #ButIsItReally

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” – Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

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