My First Solo Trip: Lan Kwai Fong

“If you work hard, you can party hard! If I feel that I’m not working hard enough, I don’t deserve to party!”

Good thing I’ve been working hard the past few weeks..cause I think I came to the right place. #STD #YoLo #PIOLO

Shopping? Check. Food trip? Check. Hong Kong night life? Up next.

After the heavy dinner and the Star Ferry Cruise, I found myself  on the right side of Hong Kong. Where exactly? Lan Kwai Fong.

“Bursting of energy”  would be the correct set of words best to describe the area. And despite it just being 10pm-ish, crowds were already forming.  #anmeron #ANYAREH

Adrenaline rushed through my veins just overhearing shouts and chants from the mob.  And being who I am, I forced myself through the mob to get a feel of what being in LKF is all about.

Bodies bumped each other (though no one seemed to mind). Strangers conversed with one another.  And, alcohol was found in everyone’s hand.

For my friends, their choice of poison came in the form of  shots.  A syringe shot that is. #AreYouReadyforyourShot? #AutoFocusFail #JelloShot

As inebriation settled in, captured photos on my camera just started to get blurrier and weirder.

 The streets were filled with dancing people.  And if you weren’t dancing, you’d surely be watching people dance.  A random couple found one another and broke into dance just for that night.  I considered joining in the fun, but the choice of dance partners weren’t of my type for the night. #choosy #kagulo #mahirapmakipagholdinghandssadikilala 

And if all races were well-represented in LKF, then all ages were well-represented too. The dancing grand father was living proof. I must admit, I got tired watching him. #HeNeedsALola #EnergeticParinNamanSiKuya #MedyoSlowMovementsLang

After loading up, the streets got a bit too rowdy for our liking. With our local LKF expert, we moved to an ultra secret bar. So secret, our view was the innards of LKF. So secret, there were no photos to prove that we were actually there. #CameraForgotten #NoDocumentation

And after a couple of  drinks, fail dance moves and surprisingly raw and honest heart to heart conversations, we found ourselves back in the main street . There were less people at 4am-ish. But all of those left standing showed signs of fatigue from the crazy that just happened that Saturday night.

A long taxi cab, a quick trip to 7-11 and  an indulgent street food FT at a random corner wrapped up my day two.  What’s an LKF experience without a proper FT after? #RedBeanandHopiaAddiction #LobsterBalls

A not so well-documented but definitely a great night.

Must repeat the next time I’m back!

Check out “My First Solo Trip” at HK series in the following posts…

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