Embracing Change

3 Jul

During the last day of my grade school classes, I remember that our class adviser would always give away limited tiny ribbons that were in the formula: Most + <insert adjective>. These adjectives would range from “friendly” to “funny”. For most of my grade school life, I would usually be awarded …


Most Responsible.

#MostResponsibleTitleHolder #TheBodyofAnAngel


Not much would change, for most of my years in high school, I would still be defined with other dimensions of this adjective. I would be: the crammer’s best friend during trimestral exams (readily armed with your PHP 100 comprehensive reviewers), the go-to person for any type of advice (expertise ranging from love-life-studies-kilay shaping)  or the daughter who did not need much checking up on ( level 100 in fulfilling daughterly roles!).

This is me reading my favorite Harry Potter book, while eating yema.



I was not too different in college either. I would be the one who would: have her boyfriend in tow every where (aka the one with a constant body guard slash bantay), be earliest to gimmicks (usually patiently waiting for her pack of gorgy girl friends who all happen to want to ride only one car), be the one responsible gathering all the drunk friends (and delivering them to their homes when it became too challenging to explain to family members to pick up the “situation”) or cleaning after emotional messes left from broken relationships (ready to serve as your pseudo girlfriend!).


#takotnatakotsamgawild #goodgirlangpeg #bakitkayoganyan

For about two decades of my life, I guess you could say that I was just about as constant as one could be. Imagine the riot I caused when I suddenly broke this constancy. Without any reason.


My crazy friend said:

“You know, out of all of my friends, I think you are my SANEST friend”

#girltignanmopictureko #doilooksanenow #Sisalangangpeg

Sinulog 2013 Hangover

#ehitongpaako #paabangSANEyan?! 

#Sinulog2013themorningafter #anyarehLEGIT

Admittedly, at first, I myself could not even comprehend the changes that were happening to me. Resistance to these changes even multiplied when I became unrecognizable not only to acquaintances but even to my closest circles. Support systems felt like they disappeared. Best friends were surprised at the stories and  longing for new adventures that I shared. While my family…they simply did not know how to handle the lack of level headed-ness in me.

Despite the blissful positivity  (please note the sarcasm here) that surrounded me, I faced all these changes face on.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. -Alan W. Watts

Honestly, it took a while for me to have the strength to do so.  But seven months in.. I found out that resisting change was the worst thing that I’ve done.  The changes that hurt and scared me the most were the best changes. They were the ones that gave me stories to remember (and eventually laugh about), lessons to learn from, wisdom to share and greater appreciation for everything that just made me want to celebrate and enjoy. 

From “Most Responsible”, I’m still at the point of discovering what the next adjective is just yet. And who knows how long that adjective would define me.  But one thing’s for sure, once you do get the courage to embrace change (especially those that scare you the most), things start looking up. 🙂

Shilin Love

“Life is a series of natural and sponthtaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ― Lao Tzu

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